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Oil Change & Filter

Oil replacement every 3,000 miles for Synthetic Blend, 10,000 miles for Full Synthetic. Oil replacements are crucial for the life of your vehicle’s engine. CarTalk provides a wide range of fluids to choose from to keep your car running perfect.

Brake Systems

A quality Brake System is vital to stopping your vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications.

A/C Systems

Living in Texas causes a big strain on your car’s air conditioner. Bring your car to CarTalk and allow us to ensure your family is cool for the summer.

Cooling Systems

With the Texas heat, it’s important that your car stays cool. Stop by and have us make sure your cooling system’s integrity is intact.


A car’s engine needs to be as reliable as possible. With all the complex and sensitive moving parts it’s important that you have routine maintenance and repairs done as soon as you suspect a problem. CarTalk can repair your engine and get you back on the road in a timely manner.

Gasket Installation

It’s very common to wear out gaskets, causing oil leaks. This can cause engine troubles. CarTalk can seal up that leak to ensure a lifelong engine.

Suspension Systems

rattlings and an uncomfortable ride by letting CarTalk perform a free suspension inspection to keep your vehicle like brand new.

Battery Service

Alternator not charging? Stop by and let CarTalk take a look to help you not wake up to another dead battery.


Engines are nothing without a solid drivetrain, transmission, driveline, and differential. Any problems with these are an easy fix for CarTalk.

Engine Tune Up

Work out Spark Plugs, Caps, and Filters can cause bad mileage, poor fuel economy,and a lack of power.


Tires are the most important part of a vehicle. Nothing works correctly without a good set of tires. Stop by CarTalk for a tire inspection

Computer Diagnostics

Today’s vehicles are a complex maze of interwoven electrical systems packed with computers, models, sensors and some more sensors. All these electrical components require a continuous and steady source of energy. Allow CarTalk to locate and fix your vehicles electronic problem.

Fuel Systems

Make sure that the fuel you put in your car is being optimized to the fullest. Bring your vehicle to CarTalk for an inspection to ensure your car is running as optimally as possible.


Manual or Automatic, CarTalk can locate and fix your transmission problems. We will examine your car thoroughly to pinpoint the problem and find the best solution to fix it.